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How do you know if your temporary placement candidate is qualified?

Now is the time to bring a Nurse

Practitioner on staff.

Once you have decided to move forward with a candidate, we take care of the rest. Each candidate goes through an extensive background check and drug screening. Nursing license is also verified with the nursing board of that state in which the nurse is licensed.

Fill out the following form and one of our recruiters will contact you shortly to set up a meeting and advance with the process. You can also call us today at (404) 348-4481 or send a email to

  • It is projected that there will be a physician shortage of 130,000 by 2025. Nurse practitioners can counteract physician shortage.

  • Documentation is very important, however, it can be cumbersome.  Nurse practitioner can assist with notes, prescriptions, disability forms, etc.

  • A nurse practitioner can increase the number of patients seen per day. That simply means an increase in revenue for you.

  • Nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat patients while you are seeing other patients. Patients will be more satisfied because they will not have to wait weeks to schedule an appointment to see a physician. 

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